Off-Grid Solar

Solar power is a reliable source of clean energy that can be used to power your home or business without relying on the electricity grid. Off-grid systems are ideal for those living in remote areas with no access to the state’s electrical grid or for those who are environment-friendly and choose to live off-grid and use renewable solar power for all their energy needs.

Living off the grid enables you to utilize every watt of energy carefully and helps to reduce the environmental impact of your daily energy consumption. Using solar panels to fulfill your energy needs by living off the grid is an ideal way to generate your own energy and be completely independent of electricity created from fossil fuels. Solar energy is sustainable and will never be exhausted, making it the suitable alternative to energy sources which are getting constantly depleted.

With AppSolar’s top-class solar panels, inverters, charge controllers and solar batteries, it is possible to live completely off-grid by using solar power for all your energy needs. Solar panels transmit the solar energy captured in the form of electricity which is converted by the solar inverters and stored in solar batteries through charge controllers, for consumption during the night. Even on cloudy days, the solar panels generate low levels of energy, enabling you to continue using the solar power in place of the electricity from the grid. Diesel Generators can be connected to the system so that you never experience a blackout even if the weather has not been good for more than three days.

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